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The CleanStream Double Balloon Enema Nozzle
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The CleanStream Double Balloon Enema Nozzle

Fill up to maximum capacity with the Double Balloon Enema Nozzle.

The Double Balloon Enema Nozzle is designed to help you and your partner discover the joys and sensations of enema play. With it, you can fill up like never before. The nozzle is inserted along with one of the balloons. Both balloons are then inflated creating both an internal and external seal. Once the seal is created, you can introduce large quantities of liquid into the rectum (up to 3500ml). The larger bulb holds up to 750 CCs of air, the smaller up to 250.

The CleanStream Double Balloon Enema Nozzle Specs:

  • Size: The tube measures approx. 16" in length and .5" in diameter. The larger balloon can expand up to 11.25" in circumference, while the smaller balloon expands to 9.5" in circumference.
  • Creates both an external and internal seal during enema play
  • Have your partner hold your choice of liquid inside the anus
  • Material: Silicone (Tubing), Chrome Plated Brass (Valves) and Latex (Pumps)

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 31 August, 2011 by J Lavine

    Simply wonderful. Alone I like to get realy full and cramp. This is a big help. With my Man It is so fun he like to enema torture me till I am exausted then pound my ass. Both of us enjoy the balloons and the long retention it gives me.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 04 February, 2012 by fill maximus

    I bought one and it leaked the first time I used it

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