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Wand Massager Masturbation Sleeve -Firm

Wand Massager Masturbation Sleeve -Firm
Wand Massager Masturbation Sleeve Firm Wand Massager Masturbation Sleeve Firm Wand Massager Masturbation Sleeve Firm
8-Speed 8-Function Rechargeable Massager Add 8-Speed 8-Function Rechargeable Massager $99.99 $79.95

Wand Essentials 2-Speed Wand Massager Add Wand Essentials 2-Speed Wand Massager $54.95 $28.95

This firm sleeve conducts vibrations so intensely you'll have a hard time lasting more than a few minutes!

We've heard so much praise from so many customers for this incredible device. It looks like something that shouldn't work, but it does. We've never seen a toy capable of making you blow your load faster. Any of our wand massagers will power it, but you can tease yourself longer with the ones that have more speeds and patterns.

It's made with a very resilient TPR, so you can use water based lubes, and clean it with soap and water after use.

If you're willing to trade some intensity for tenderness, try out our Soft Wand Massager Masturbation Sleeve (AD788). It's made of a softer TPR and can stretch to accommodate more girthy cocks. Heck, just order both, a wand massager, and some lube; and figure out what works best for you.

Wand Massager Masturbation Sleeve Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: The sleeve measures 3.5" in height, 4" in length and 1.5" in diameter.
  • Material: TPR
  • Interior lined with stimulating nubs and ribs
  • Requires a wand massager (compatible wand massagers in related items)

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    Reviewed: Friday 31 May, 2013 by Coty 6969

    This material is NOT stretchy at ALL. When hard I am 7" in circumference and I had to (even with plenty of lube) literally force it on which then split it into two, right down the top seam. I was so looking forward to using this but nobody else makes this. Can you guys PLEASE make the same thing but either in different sizes or more preferable, more comfortable and stretchy material? I would love to buy another if I thought it would not hurt me and fit comfortably. It's a great idea and I still want one!!

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    Reviewed: Saturday 13 October, 2012 by Tim Norman

    Wow, this is simply amazing! Set the vibrator to your favorite setting, lay back and enjoy the ride. No hands required. Incredible orgasms! Only issue was the little nubs inside the sleeve were irritating on my cock. I snipped them off with some scissors, and now it's much more comfortable...

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    Reviewed: Saturday 31 March, 2012 by Al Jurasic.

    Just got the Wand and sleeve, easy way to cum, so much and fast. The first wand didn't work, sent me a new one, and it worked fine, very helpful staff, and will return again. It was worth the wait.

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    Reviewed: Friday 30 March, 2012 by Al Seabird

    The wand and masturbation sleeve are great. I had a problem with the massager not working, but they took care of it. It is worth the money. Very enjoyable, quick, and cum a lot. Love it!!!

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    Reviewed: Friday 06 January, 2012 by D Hunter

    Bought and very pleased, fun

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