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Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Lubricant

Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Lubricant
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Contains 7.5% Benzocaine, the legal maximum!

Coconut Oil, Organic Silicone and Benzocaine (enough in this product as possible) help to make the lube easy to apply and use. If you're engaging in hot, erotic anal play, desensitizing lubes can help numb the anal area, thereby making insertion more comfortable and stimulating for both partners. When you're done it can easily wash off with water.

Specifications: You'll recieve a tub with 16oz of lubricant.


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By Army Bottom.
This stuff is amazing, works awesome!!! Was able to handle toys I before couldn't, best stuff out there, trust me.
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By wide open.
If you want to go wider and deeper than you've ever been... YOU NEED THIS! I never though I could fit so much in my butt!
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By Jasper Emerald.
This product lives up to the name! I have been using this with lots of toys over the last year and its made me go for longer and harder than ever before. Although this product is not condom safe it washes of with hot water and is easy removed from furniture and textiles. Good for the stud who wants to large toys.
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By Gregory L. Co.
I purchased this tub of Boy butter and it is the best I've ever used. Not only did I enjoy the play time and feeling of Boy Butter, but I enjoy it longer and it was much more exciting. With a sensation of nonstop play on your mind while you are using Boy Butter. You want a long lasting lube with deeper fuller fun and excitement, then I say give Boy Butter a try. It will take you to new lengths of enjoyment that you never though possible.
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I have it. Yes, it does work. In fact, I put some on my hole the other day when Mr. Man visited. Just before he inserted his raging cock, seconds later, he went limp. Mr. Man said, "I can't feel anything. Look, it is dead".
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