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Deep Derek Ejaculating Dildo
$69.95 $49.95
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Deep Derek Ejaculating Dildo
Deep Derek Ejaculating Dildo Deep Derek Ejaculating Dildo Deep Derek Ejaculating Dildo Deep Derek Ejaculating Dildo Deep Derek Ejaculating Dildo Deep Derek Ejaculating Dildo
8.5oz Jizz Cum-Scented Lube Add 8.5oz Jizz Cum-Scented Lube $15.00 $10.99

This massive cock will pump you full of cum after he makes you his bitch!

Deep Derek is monster of a cock. He easily stands on his base, but bends a little under his own weight. He'll reach almost 10 inches inside of you and stretch you out two and a half inches wide. After you've taken him as deep as you can all you need to do is squeeze his balls to have him spurt hot cum deep into you. If you like them big, he's sure to satisfy.

We suggest that you fill him with warm lube. It's thicker than water and will lubricate you nicely. Also, it's a courtesy to whoever you offer your freshly fucked hole to afterward.

Deep Derek Ejaculating Dildo Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 12 inch total length, 9.5 inch insertable length, 2.43 inch max shaft diameter, 7.25 inch max circumference
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Natural
  • You can fill the balls with 1/2 ounce of your favorite liquid
  • Just squeeze the balls when you want the dildo to spurt

  • Model images courtesy of UKNAKEDMEN.


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    By rick cressman.
    nice size toy...not for beginners yet maybe to small for others. Depends on your level. But the ejaculating gimmick is a waste but not really needed. For the size and price you wont be disappointed.
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    By John Boehner.
    I'm wondering if you could soak this in baking soda and water long enough to deoderize it completely. Then you could use it for shots. It certainly holds enough juice. Bailey's would probably be best.
    Was this review helpful to you? 2 25