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Juicy Justin Dual-Density Realistic Cock
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Juicy Justin Dual-Density Realistic Cock
Juicy Justin Dual-Density Realistic Cock Juicy Justin DualDensity Realistic Cock

Justin is soft on the outside and firm on the inside, just like a real cock.

While we talk a lot about hard cocks, we all know that a real cock is actually tender to the touch. That's what Justin delivers. He's hard enough to penetrate you, but the outer skin flexes and moves just like a real cock gripped by your tight hole.

It's hard to beat Justin's 6.5 insertable inches for realistic penetration and convenience. Any time you want him you can slap him on the floor or a stool, roll a condom over him for easy cleanup, and lower yourself onto him.

The Juicy Justin Realistic Cock Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 9" total length, 6.5" insertable, 5.75" in circumference, 1.83" wide
  • Material: Dual-density premium SexFlesh
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Super realistic look and feel for our most lifelike ride
  • Strong suction cup leaves your hands free
  • Generous length and girth to satisfy


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    By James Lee.
    It's BIG! And Soft! So use lot's of lubes when using this one. One downside is, it's kind of smelly.
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    By Graham Stills.
    first dildo buy so I was sorta hesitant but wow. It not only looks very real, it actually feels real. I bought this to occupy me while the bf is away for work and I'm so glad I did. It really feels like you're riding a real cock. It has movement and flex. My one warning though is that it's got a lot more girth that I expected so its taken some time getting it all the way in, but that's sorta half the fun :D I'd recommend this to anyone looking for something fun and fantastic. Happy riding :D
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    By Coetty Schneider.
    OH MY GOD. this was my first dildo. I always wanted to be a full time bottom and this thing is helping big time. it feels just like the real thing. it has some give like a real cock it adjusts to my insides perfectly and fills me up. No man has ever made me cum with out touching my dick and this thing does it. i don't think I need a man ever again.
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    By Er Nappier.
    This was my first dildo!! WOW it's huge! It may be only 7 inches insertable but it feels like much more. Need lots of lube. The only downside is that it is pretty flimsy and hard to get in initially every time I use it but once it goes in OMGAWD! I was a very inexperienced bottom when I bought this and now I'm a power bottom :p
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    By just sayin.
    It's 7" insertable, maybe even a tad over 7 inches. The 1.83in diameter is possibly accurate. Just barely under 2 inches thick. But it's pretty long. Very soft, possibly difficult to insert without lubricant given it's quite flimsy. It's girthy enough to hold its on after you get it in. Be careful..
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