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The Vexing Penis Plug
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The Vexing Penis Plug
The Vexing Penis Plug The Vexing Penis Plug The Vexing Penis Plug The Vexing Penis Plug The Vexing Penis Plug

This cum-thru plug adds stimulating curves and contours that make it more pleasurable to slide in.

You'll love the feel of the smooth grooves on this penis plug as they disappear one by one into your cock. Once you've got it deep, the head ring helps it stay in place, so you can wear it all day long. You can cum through it or piss through it. You might have an easier time cumming through it with the attention that it draws to your cock.

Vexing Penis Plug Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 2.88 inch overall length, Plug is 2.38 inches long, 0.38 inch max insertable diameter, Hinged Ring has 1.3 inches internal diameter
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • End is tapered for easy insertion; small hinged ring makes adjustment easy
  • Can be heated or cooled for temperature play
  • Has a thru-hole for extended wear and use
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    By Raging Cock.
    UPDATE!!! wow! After the initial difficulties I told about earlier I have persisted and each time has been much better. I can now insert it in 30 seconds with no pain at all. I am 6.5 erect, about 3 flacid and this fits well. Some may prefer a larger ring. The key to insertion is lots of non water based lubricant. You can't use too much. The lube is key in not only getting it inserted properly and without pain but to make it comfortalbe to wear by not letting your urethera get too dry. It must be able to move inside your penis to prevent uncomfortable friction. After you master the insertion and removal you must make it fit. I had too bend it a little to accomodate the shape of my penis but this is easy if you do it carefully. I can urinate through it no problem and cum through it jerking off. I have yet to wear it with a partner.
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    By ragingcock b24j1943.
    Damn!!! I have been putting this in and taking it out over the last few weeks. Each time it stays in longer and is more comfortable. I hardly feel it anymore except when I am fully erect. Getting a blow job is great but be carefull not to knock out the teeth of your cocksucker. Vaginal sex is awesome according to my lady. Have yet to try anal with a guy or girl.
    Was this review helpful to you? 2 21

    By Raging Cock.
    I got this in the mail today and at first i was disappointed. Seemed it would be impossible to get it fully inserted and that the ring would never fit over the head of my cock. Well. persistence, patience, lots of lube and a little bourbon saved the day. You need to be very relaxed. I showered after getting it inserted to get rid of all the lube i used and i pissed with no problem. After a few hours I'm getting used to it but it will take a few days. Can't wait to cum through it. Updates to follow.
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