Troubleshooting Your Toy

Try new batteries.
Placing brand new, fresh batteries into your toy may get it going again. You should always remove the batteries from your toy when it is not in use. With some toys, the batteries will drain even if the toy is not in use.

Have you put in the correct amount of batteries?
Different toys will use different sizes of batteries as well as different quantities of batteries. Please double check the product listing to be sure you are using the correct size and quantity.

Have you placed the batteries in the correct position?
If your toy is not working it, could be that the batteries have been put in incorrectly. Look inside or around the battery compartment for the indicators as to which way the batteries should be inserted to ensure they are placed in the correct way.

Check the battery compartment.
Some vibrators, especially bullet and peanut vibes, are supplied with the batteries already inserted. These often will have a small piece of paper or plastic in the battery compartment that will need to be removed to power your item.

Is your toy rechargeable?
Some rechargeable toys will arrive to you partially charged. If your toy turns on when you receive it, then you will want to be sure that you fully use the item until it is depleted before charging it for the first time. Most toys will need to be charged for approximately 6-8 hours. Please follow the 6-8 hour guideline unless the packaging and/or instructions state otherwise.

Do not use rechargeable batteries.
Regular alkaline batteries are the best choice for your toys. Rechargeable batteries can be slightly bigger and could potentially cause issues when securing the battery compartment.

Is the battery cap positioned correctly?
With many screw-cap toys, customers need to be sure that the base covering the batteries is positioned correctly. At times this can mean that the cap needs to be tightened thoroughly, or it could mean that the cap needs be slightly loosened. If your toy does not turn on right away try playing with the cap a bit to make the right connection with the batteries. Also, it is possible that the inner springs in the battery compartment may have been compressed too much and they are now not allowing proper connection; a gentle tug on the spring can bring your toy back to life.

My toy smells funny!
Most rubber, PVC and vinyl dildos tend to have a funny smell due to the nature of the materials and manufacturing process. Allowing the item to be exposed to the open air as much as possible can help alleviate the smell. Also, rinsing the item in warm water and baking soda can help lessen the odor. The smell should gradually fade with proper cleaning using warm water and Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner as well.

Product Information

What lube should I use?

There are three basic types of lubricants: water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based. A good rule of thumb is that "like dissolves like". What this means for us is that we can't use oil-based lubes on oil-based products, nor can we use silicone-based lubes on silicone products. Using an oil-based lube on a latex condom will weaken and cause microscopic holes to form in the condom. The condom may even break and it certainly will not be good for protection from viruses like HIV and hepatitis, nor will it protect against pregnancy. Silicone toys are fantastic as the silicone material holds body heat and can be sterilized by boiling. But, silicone lube will destroy a silicone toy (and realistic Cyber-skin toys, too). How do you know what kind of lube you have? Read the label. If it says water-based, you can feel safe to use the lube with all types of toys. If it has ingredients including cyclomethicone, simethicone, or dimethicone then it is silicon based and you should avoid using the lube with silicone toys. If it has petroleum jelly or petroleum by-products listed it is oil-based. Again, an oil-based lubricant should never be used with latex condoms. You'll always be safest going with a water based product, but with the differences in sensation and advantages of the others, you should at least check them out.

How do I clean my leather products?

This is a long answer. Click here for detailed leather care information.

How do know what size cock ring I need?

To be effective a cock ring should fit snugly. Measure the distance around the cock and balls (at the base, behind the scrotum), and then divide by 3.1. This is the diameter cock ring that you should have.

What dildos do you recommend for use with a harness?

Just about any dildo that has a flared base. One with balls and a flared top will also work. You don't want the dildo to slip out of the retaining ring on the harness. We have several models of dildos that work excellently in harnesses. Be sure to check out the silicone models.

Are chastity devices noticeable under clothing?

Some of our chastity devices are more discreet, comfortable and generally functional for long term use than others. Items such as a soft body cages, or ones made of silicone, are great lower cost devices that can be used in short term scenes and would fit under clothing. But they would probably not stand up to long term wear. For discretion you would want to look for low profile, highly adjustable, hygienic devices made out of light weight but durable poly acrylic plastic. They are also great choices for longer term wear. On most people, they are barely detectable if at all, and we have plenty of customers who find them comfortable and discreet under suits, jeans, etc. while in pubic.

How long can I wear a chastity belt or device?

We cannot recommend that you wear any of these items nonstop for extended periods of time. We can say that we have heard from Chastity lovers who have worn the CB3000 for much longer than we would have thought possible with no complications whatsoever. For short term use, take your pick! Feel free to contact us at with any specific questions regarding our Chastity devices.

Where to discard rechargeable batteries?

Items with rechargeable batteries cannot be thrown away and must be recycled. For a recycling location nearest you in the United States please go to the following webpage:

I still need help!
If none of our suggestions seem to help, we sincerely apologize! Please contact our Customer Service department and we will be happy to assist you. You can choose to contact us via telephone, email or live chat.


FAQ on Latex Care

Rubber Care for Toys and Garments

Rubber has a sensational erotic feel. Whether your latex rubber items are toys and garments, they can last for years if they are taken care of properly. Latex rubber is biodegradable. When you first receive your latex item it will have a dull appearance. Many fetishists prefer a shiny appearance.

Shine and Lube Be very careful of your choice of products to shine your rubber. The same rules go for lubricating your insertable rubber toys as for shining latex garments. Products safe for use to shine rubber are silicone-based lubricants like Passion Premium Silicone Lube. DO NOT use oil-based products. They will degrade and ruin your rubber. Also be careful of household or auto polishes. Many contain ingredients unsuitable for thin latex rubber.

Wearing Rubber Damage to latex rubber clothing usually occurs when it is being put on. Be patient, go slow, and handle the clothes carefully. Rubber becomes stiff in cool temperatures, so allow your rubber to warm up to room temperature before you put it on. Use powder, such as a cornstarch based unscented baby powder, liberally on the inside of the garment to make it easier to slip into. If you like the feel you can use a silicone lube on the inside instead. Or, you can lube your body before slipping into the garment. If you are having trouble, you probably aren't using enough lube or powder. If any powder gets on the outside of the garment, just wipe it off once you are in. Also keep in mind that the tighter it is stretched the easier it will tear. Be careful not to pull too hard with your fingers, you can leave permanent stretch dimples. It is better to slide your whole hand inside so it is flat between your skin and the rubber. Then use your whole hand to move the rubber over your body. Be careful of sharp/long fingernails or jewelry and they can easily tear your rubber.

Washing Latex Rubber After each use it is very important to clean and store your rubber. Sweat, natural body fluids, make-up and cigarette smoke residue will damage latex if left in contact with it. Rinse the latex in lukewarm water with a soap or mild liquid detergent. DO NOT use things labeled or meant to "cut grease". These products will damage the rubber. Wipe the inside and outside gently, don't scrub, with a soft dampened cloth. Rinse well to remove all traces of the soapy residue. Shake away the extra water and pat dry with a lint free towel and air dry. It’s okay to hang garments for drying just be sure to use a plastic hanger, not a thin metal one. DO NOT use heat, put in a dryer, or the hot sun to dry. Don't worry about water streaks, next time you shine it they will go away. Once dry, be sure to dust the latex with cornstarch powder. The powder will prevent it from sticking to itself or other latex garments in your collection.

Storing When not in use, dust your latex toys and garment will with powder on both the inside and outside. Store in a dark dry location such as a closet and use a protective covering like a large plastic bag. Also keep in mind that latex rubber will transfer color. Keep your colored and transparent latex items separated so they don't touch. Plastic can be used to separate them. When hanging, use a very wide plastic hanger. Thin hanger will cause stretch dimples. Also, we do not recommend hanging items by their straps, as this will cause the straps to stretch out. Sunlight will rapidly break down latex rubber, so the dark storage location is important. If sun or ultraviolet exposure does occur, the latex will appear to have a chalky surface. This can be hidden by shining the rubber. Note: Copper, brass, or bronze metals will also stain your latex. Make sure your store away from contact with these metals.


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