Rubber Care for Toys and Garments

by Kelly

Rubber has a sensational erotic feel. Whether your latex rubber items are toys and garments, they can last for years if they are taken care of properly. Latex rubber is biodegradable. when you first receive your latex item it will have a dull appearance. Many fetishists prefer a shiny appearance.

Shine and Lube Be very careful of your choice of products to shine your rubber. The same rules go for lubricating your insertable rubber toys as for shining latex garments. Products safe for use to shine rubber are silicone-based lubricants like Eros BodyGlide or Rubber Shine. DO NOT use oil-based products. They will degrade and ruin your rubber. Also be careful of household or auto polishes. Many contain ingredients unsuitable for thin latex rubber.

Eros Super Concentrated BodyGlideWearing Rubber Damage to latex rubber clothing usually occurs when it is being put on. Be patient, go slow, and handle the clothes carefully. Rubber becomes stiff in cool temperatures, so allow your rubber to warm up to room temperature before you put it on. Use powder such as talc or cornstarch based unscented baby powder liberally on the inside of the to make it easier to slip into. If you like the feel you could use a silicone lube on the inside instead. Or you can lube your body before slipping into the garment. If you are having trouble, you probably aren't using enough lube or powder. If any powder gets on the outside of the garment, just wipe it off once you are in. Also keep in mind that the tighter it is stretched the easier it will tear. Be careful not too pull to hard with your fingers, you can leave permanent stretch dimples. It is better to slide your whole hand inside so it is flat between your skin and the rubber. Then use your whole hand to move the rubber over your body. Careful of sharp or long fingernails or sharp jewelery.

Washing Latex Rubber After each use it is very important to clean and store your rubber. Sweat, natural body fluids, make-up and cigarette smoke residue will damage latex if left in contact with it. Rinse the latex in lukewarm water with a soap or mild liquid detergent. DO NOT use things labeled or meant to "cut grease". These products will damage the rubber. Wipe the inside and outside gently, don't scrub, with a soft dampened cloth. Rinse well to remove all traces of the soap. Shake away the extra water and pat dry with a lint free towel and air dry. It's okay to hang garments for drying use use a plastic hanger, not a thin metal one. DO NOT use heat or put in a dryer (what a way to quickly ruin your rubber). Don't worry about water streaks next time you shine it, they will go away. Once dry, dust the latex with powder. Powder will prevent it from sticking to itself or other latex garments in your collection.

Storing When not in use, dust your latex toys and garment will with powder on both the inside and outside. Store in a dark dry location such as a closet and use a protective covering like a large plastic bag. Also keep in mind that latex rubber will transfer color. Keep your colored and transparent latex separated so they don't touch. Plastic can be used to separat them. When hanging, use a very wide plastic hanger. Thin hanger will cause stretch dimples. Also some garments have straps. Hanging by the straps may stretch them. Sunlight will rapidly break down latex rubber, so the dark storage location is important. If sun or ultraviolet exposure does occur, the latex will appear to have a chalky surface. This can be hidden by shining the rubber. Note: Copper, brass, or bronze metals will also stain your latex. Make sure your store away from contact with these metals.


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