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Rectal Dilator Training Kit
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Rectal Dilator Training Kit
Rectal Dilator Training Kit Rectal Dilator Training Kit Rectal Dilator Training Kit Rectal Dilator Training Kit Rectal Dilator Training Kit

Gradually train your ass for more comfortable and pleasurable bottoming!

Learning to relax and open up can make bottoming a whole lot more fun. With this rectal dilator kit you can slowly work your ass bigger little bit by little bit. The starting plug is barely and a challenge and more to get you comfortable with having something there. As you gradually work your way up you'll find yourself finally able to take on a decent sized cock without any trouble. So don't let your tight ass hold you back. Dilators made from ABS.

Measurements (from large to small):
  • Plug 1:
    • Shaft: 5.75" in circumference.
    • Head: 6.25" in circumference.
    • Length: 5".
    • Flanged Base: 2.5".
  • Plug 2:
    • Shaft: 5" in circumference.
    • Head: 5.5" in circumference.
    • Length: 4.75".
    • Flanged Base: 2.25".
  • Plug 3:
    • Shaft: 4.25" in circumference.
    • Head: 4.75" in circumference.
    • Length: 4.25".
    • Flanged Base: 2".
  • Plug 4:
    • Shaft: 3.5" in circumference.
    • Head: 4" in circumference.
    • Length: 3.75".
    • Flanged Base: 1.75".
  • Plug 5:
    • Shaft: 2.75" in circumference.
    • Head: 3.25" in circumference.
    • Length: 3.5".
    • Flanged Base: 1.5".


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By Will Brahan.
I bought the kit when I went off to college and found it to come in handy when I started dating. I suggest it to all guys going off to school. It will help you adjust to being a great bottom.
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More about this product
material quality
build quality
material, sizes, shape
the hole in the tip of each one
Great toys but one design flaw
By Anonymous.
These toys would be great, they are made of hard, smooth material that cleans easily and slides right into even a very tight butt. The varied sizes make it a piece of cake to work your way up from the smallest to largest. But, the reason why my butt is still tight is that the holes in the tip of each one are very sharp and painful as you're trying to work them in. I eventually was able to smooth them off but there is no reason for them to be there at all. I would not recommend these toys because of the painful holes in them.
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By willwig tighthole.
Purchased this set to train for that trailer hitch size cockring with ball stopper plug. They did the trick stretching my hole gradually and sort of painlessly. Each step feels great going in. The small hole in the tip is sharp and needs to be smoothed out, but after that and using a condom, this was no problem.
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