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The SMP Beginner Penis Pump
$15.99 $11.99
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The SMP Beginner Penis Pump
The SMP Beginner Penis Pump The SMP Beginner Penis Pump The SMP Beginner Penis Pump The SMP Beginner Penis Pump

The Size Matters Beginner Pump is simple, but does the job!

Who doesn't want an unusually bigger and thicker erection on demand? If you're not on a serious pumping regimen, then this is all you need. Just slide your cock through the comfort sleeve, and pump the bulb until you like what you see. If you go a little too far, hit the quick release button.

If you are trying to cause some permanent growth, our best advice is to take it slow. Have fun and don't hurt yourself. If you keep huging your cock it may not go back to its original size.

SMP Beginner's Penis Pump Specs:

  • Size: Tubing measures 8" in length and 7" in circumference
  • For men who want a simple, quick way to achieve gains
  • Tubing and sleeve are smooth for a comfortable enlargement experience
  • Quick release button and bulb ensure help achieve gains


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    By pete magor.
    I have used penis pump everyday for the past 14 years .I have now have a large penis to the envy of all my friends. Persistance pays off its like weight lifting your muscles got bigger just like my cock has. My cock has gained 2inches in length and 1 and half inches thick. The most expensive pumps are not worth buying I have tried them all cheaper is best.I enjoy going to beach in my nylon speedos and the looks tell a story. I just use the pump each morning for up to 30minutes it feels so good to use
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    build quality
    suction strength
    ease of use
    long term
    By Bo.
    I have been using pumps for over 20+ years. This is the first pump that the bulb rubber was made of hard rubber, making it difficult to squeeze and release. It was difficult to get good suction. This is also small tube ompared to regular size. So make sure you want a small tube. Other than that, I suppose it is good for beginners and smaller penises.
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    By John Tennyson.
    This is a great device after giveing it several test runs I was able to get penis pumped up enough to fill the whole device. After vI relased the suction and relased the device I did notice a BIG difference. You8 should warn people to keep their balls clear of the nopening whemn pumping other wise they will get sucked in as well and that will prove to be very painfull.
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    By J Dub.
    Thing is awsome, two or three pumps makes it grow like crazy
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    By Lou Davies.
    Just like guy to leave feedback, no sucking power at all. No instructions so thought I was using it incorrectly. Had to suck air out to make it work at least minimum.
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